July 2019

Appraisal System and Hottest Day in July

26th July 2019

August will be a month of reviewing everyone’s personal and professional development. This is a ‘formal’ opportunity to discuss areas of strengths, areas for development, future opportunities and general feedback. This year we have slightly changed our appraisal system in order to make it more relevant for each specific department and each individual. We have introduced a scoring system into our performance review forms which is aimed at setting a perception standard of what is ‘good’, ‘excellent’, ‘satisfactory’ among others. Also, those involved in each person’s daily activities will be assisting in delivering the appraisal along with the managers, so that relevant examples can be provided along with the score given and comments made. The scoring system also provides management with performance patterns which enable comparisons to be made and long-term progress to be monitored.

Once all appraisals are conducted, training needs will be identified. We provide in-house training on all aspects of soft landscaping. External training is provided via various training providers including North Lindsey College, who we have recently secured funding with to provide short courses on various aspects of management, leadership, business, leading change and delivering effective appraisal also. We truly believe that it is our people who make the difference and one of our top priorities is to continually provide development opportunities.

On a side note, this week recorded the hottest day ever in the month of July, with temperatures reaching up to 36 degrees Celsius in Lincolnshire. We thank all of our suppliers for continually providing us with the supplies and materials required for carrying out the landscaping works to projects especially in such challenging weather. Also, a huge thank you to all of our staff members in conducting themselves so professionally and continuing to give our clients the best service regardless of the hot, challenging conditions.

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Busy Period with New Projects

19th July 2019

The busy period we are currently experiencing emphasises the dynamic nature of our business and highlights that we must continue to be flexible to accommodate multiple, often conflicting demands. But with some projects completed and handed over, we are starting next week fresh with new projects.

Monday we will start our soft landscaping scheme installation to a new Costa and KFC Drive Thru being built in Handsworth, Sheffield, by Conlon Construction. This is our first ever project working with Conlon Construction, and will include topsoil preparation, turf laying works, seeding works, tree planting and bark mulch spreading. We are aiming to complete the scope of works to this project on Friday.

Also next week, we will attend our first maintenance site visit to Ingleby View, the residential project previously featured in our blog, being built by Lovell in Saxilby. We have carried out the initial clearance works to the site entrance a few weeks ago and the site is now ready for grass cutting.

Another project which we will be starting with a new client, Cyden Homes, is Phase 2 at Pingley Vale, a residential development in Brigg, North Lincolnshire. This consists of 14 new luxury homes being built around a natural reservoir. We will carry out topsoil preparation including application of fertiliser to all the front and rear gardens and public open spaces. This will be followed by supplying and laying cultivated turf and grass seed to areas as per the specifications. We are supplying and planting trees of various sizes ranging from 8 to 12 centimetres in girth, and planting a range of shrubs of 2L sizes. The planting areas will be supplied with Geo-textile membrane to prevent weed growth, and covered with decorative pine bark mulch to provide better water retention for soil and plants and to aesthetically compliment the whole landscaping scheme.

A few more projects are lined up for the month of August, which we are currently planning for and excited to start.

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Weekly Updates – Projects

12th July 2019

This week we have completed the landscaping scheme installation to a project we started in December 2018. It is an affordable residential development of 30 houses built in Shipley, Heanor, by Wildgoose Construction. The landscaping project was led by our Site Supervisor Tom Birch. With Tom’s knowledge acquired through the completion of his Horticulture apprenticeship at Riseholme College last year, and through experience, Tom and his Team implemented the whole landscaping scheme to this project. Typical elements of the soft landscaping scheme included turf laying, seeding works, shrub planting and tree planting. The landscaping was completed in phased works, over a period of approximately 8 months. 

Also this week, Ayrton has attended a meeting with a potential new client, Carmalor Group, to discuss the proposed landscaping plan to Phase One of a luxurious residential development, High Oakham Park. For this project, 24 new luxury homes are being built. Carmalor Group has been awarded to carry out the construction works to Phase One, which consists of converting 4 existing homes into luxury ones, and building 2 new luxury homes. With a drawing in hand, we are aiming to submit our landscaping bill to Carmalor soon. We are excited for this and would love to give our personal attention to a new client through understanding and fulfilling their requirements.

Joe and Simon have also attended a meeting this week for a project we have secured with Hobson Porter in Long Bennington. Hobson Porter are working on a unit extension for an existing business. We will be spreading and preparing topsoil using our articulated multi-loader, Avant 640, and its 4-in-1 multi purpose bucket capable of scooping, grabbing and tipping materials. We will also give the area a nice green finish with turf.

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Summer is Here

5th July 2019

This week we have completed the whole landscaping scheme installation to Albert Marson Court, a residential development of 27 houses built in Scunthorpe by GS Kelsey. This project was secured through our Expansion Programme, which involved a proactive approach to making contact with existing and new clients. Upon having a fruitful meeting with the client, West Lindsey Landscapes was rewarded with this project. We have been working at Albert Marson Court since February and have now completed the full scope of works.

The installation of the landscaping scheme involved thorough planning and consideration of logistical issues. During the early stage of the project, we made an access way through the gardens, so that our articulated multi-loader could go through every plot to transport topsoil. In total, we had over 200 tonnes of topsoil delivered to site and transported to the plots. All the landscaping areas were then cultivated using our power box rake and levelled to a suitable tilth for turfing and planting works. It has been a pleasure working with GS Kelsey on this project.

Also, this week we started our initial clearance works to Ingleby View, a residential development being built in Saxilby by Lovell. The works carried out involved strimming and cutting off all the overgrown vegetation in the swale area near the site entrance. Three weeks ago when we did our health and safety assessment of the works, the swale area was retaining just over 50mm of water. This week, the whole area was completely dry which enabled us to carry out the works with less risks. Soon we will carry out our first site maintenance visit which includes herbicide application, litter picking, strimming and grass cutting to other areas within the site.

We look forward to continuing working with our very valued clients and building our relationships.