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Festive Season!

Thursday 19th December 2019

In the last couple of weeks we have released the first edition of our quarterly newsletter. This marketing tool has many benefits, however its core purpose is to raise our company’s business profile. The newsletter is a strategic tool which assists us in keeping in touch with our partners whilst providing updates on the services, projects, clients and events which our company becomes involved with. The recipients have the choice to opt out from receiving future newsletters. As the first issue of our newsletter, we would welcome constructive feedback which will aid us in ensuring continual improvement. Future editions will feature different content, more images and potentially have a completely different design which will more effectively reflect our company’s brand. So far, we have received very useful feedback and also some really positive comments. Thank you for your time reading it and for the feedback!

Up to our last working day, Friday 20th December, we are extremely busy in ensuring that all of our clients’ requirements on various projects are achieved by our closing date. Also, the first quarter of the New Year is looking very promising as we continue to be busy with our current residential development projects, to include Church Fields by Lindum Homes, Lodge Lane by Stirlin and Ingleby View by Lovell Homes among others. We are also starting a new project in RAF Waddington with a new client, Daubney Ltd, which is very exciting.

We are happy to announce that Henry, one of the three candidates who attended our work trials and interviews, will join our Team in January 2020.

Finally, this year has been about adapting to the ever changing marketplace and continuing to grow. We would like to thank all of our partners for their continual support to the business throughout this period. Thank you to all of our clients and suppliers!

Simon and Nicci would like to personally thank the WL Landscapes Team for their hard work, support and dedication which has made this year very memorable. We are looking forward to starting 2020, a new, exciting decade for the landscaping industry.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Engagement with the Community

Friday 15th November 2019

The last couple of weeks have been eventful for the business and a bit too wet for the landscaping operations on site. We had to abandon a couple of sites due to floods and unworkable topsoil conditions.

Simon and Ayrton have met with Paula Bailey at Abbey Access Training in Lincoln to discuss the formation of a potential bridge between WL Landscapes Ltd and the community. We are looking to provide opportunities to those who wish to have have a taste of the construction industry by undertaking work experience with us. Abbey Access Training is a great supporter of the community as they provide training on construction access requirements, such as CSCS cards, first aid courses among others. We have now received interest from two candidates whose information are being assessed. This is a great opportunity for WL Landscapes Ltd to support the community, by raising the profile of the landscaping trade and the construction industry, whilst also providing people from all backgrounds with opportunities.

WL Landscapes Ltd also attended the Employers’ Engagement meeting at Riseholme College, delivered by Bill Meredith, where stakeholders of the college gathered together to provide ideas on the new 2020 – 2025 curriculum. A hot topic discussed during the gathering was the skill set gap between the new generation coming into the industry and the industry itself. One of the factors affecting this gap is the lack of awareness of the land-based industry and what it entails. We talked about potential ways to fill this gap, ideas discussed included employers supporting local schools by attending and providing insight to young people on the various land-based types of trades and employment opportunities. The development of a new Level 4 course was briefly discussed too, to cover general land-based principles in order to provide a taster to those who are curious about it but unsure on which route to take.

Also within the last two weeks, we have secured a contract with an Irish based construction company that operates across the UK, GEDA. The project is a housing development of 14 houses located in Butterwick, which will start in a couple of weeks from today.

Thanks for reading and try to stay dry!

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November is Here

1st November 2019

This week Ayrton and Simon attended a debrief meeting along with the organisers and activity providers of the yearly Construction Week event which took place earlier in the month of October. During the meeting, many positive points were expressed in terms of the organisation of the event and the rewarding experience for both the providers and the schools involved. WL Landscapes is particularly impressed at the number of schools and the record breaking number of 1250 children that attended the event this year. Some areas for development were also discussed for next year’s event, and also on how we can all keep a continuous momentum throughout the year to raise the construction industry awareness to young people.

We are excited to be taking a proactive approach in this by networking with some of the event organisers, EBP and CITB. We are looking to arrange for WL Landscapes to attend Aspirations Industry Days at local schools to provide a similar delivery of information about the industry to the youth. Also, we are looking to providing work experience to those who wish to get back in the trade, by providing 1 week work experience programmes. The individuals taking part would work alongside our Site Team and Supervisors in delivering commercial projects. This will entail in them participating in the installation process of our landscaping scheme (topsoil preparation, planting, turf laying, seeding, clearance works, maintenance works amongst others). This will also be a great way for us to provide opportunities to those who want to make a change, and also a great additional channel of recruitment for the business.

We are excited to get this initiative started and we look forward to working alongside the EBP and CITB.

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