Our Mission

Our mission statement, “Our personal attention given at all times”, is a declaration of our intent to all who we engage with. Our statement is a promise, providing assurances of our commitment to you and to everyone who engages with us. 

Whether you are a client, employee, supplier or a partner, our statement applies to you, as we aim to maintain our standards in every aspects of our work.

Accompanying our mission statement with our core values, we form positive relationships to enhance customer satisfaction. 

We offer personal attention to our clients through regular communication across all levels to ensure operations are efficient. We provide services such as consultation and design at planning stage, with the aim of assisting the client in all stages right through to implementing the projects. 

Our employees receive the same personal attention because we hold them in high regard and value their contribution. As a result, we believe in investing in them and identifying suitable training to enhance them as people and develop their skill set. 

We manage the risks of every individual task that each employee may carry out, as their safety is paramount. We also provide regular in-house tool box talks to cover a range of potential hazards that could pose a threat to their safety and health.

Through trading regularly with our chosen suppliers, we share a loyalty which is reflected in the partnership we have formed and continues to be beneficial for both parties. 

We also share common goals with our partners in promoting the horticulture industry to the youth. Subsequently we have collaborated with Riseholme College to provide an apprenticeship route into the industry. 

Providing an education along with career opportunities, we aim to increase the appeal to a broader audience and encourage growth within our sector. Our mission statement outlines our clear intentions, to ensure our personal attention is made available to everyone who engages with our company, so that they feel valued and appreciated when dealing with our business.