Expansion Programme

“Maintaining our core values, we pledge to continue delivering our excellent service in all aspects of our work.” – Joe Cox

Our expansion programme, stemming from the Lincoln office, is to actively market our presence with the aim to operate on a small scale in the Nottinghamshire area, with the intentions of growing at a healthy and successful pace. The purpose of the programme is to replicate our current business model and continue to offer our clients an excellent service for a better value for money.

We are currently in the early stages of the expansion, with our efforts being predominantly focused on marketing the company to new clients in the target area. With the aim of generating a higher level of recognition within the industry, to appeal to a broader target market, resulting in an increase of enquiries we receive and a higher conversion rate, which would ultimately result in more work.

Logistically it will be advantageous to ourselves and clients alike, allowing us to operate more efficiently and cost effectively while continuing to work in partnership, and aid our clients in all their projects. We would look to project manage landscaping schemes with the long term view of operating within a 50 mile radius, which would cover areas such as Derbyshire, Stoke on Trent, Birmingham, Coventry and Leicestershire. 

By expanding, it will provide the opportunity to compete on a wider scale, while introducing us to new businesses and reacquainting us with familiar ones, to ultimately secure new and exciting projects. By opening up these new avenues, we would improve lines of communication, allowing us to provide a personable service. 

The expansion programme will promote staff development and provide job opportunities in the industry and within the local area. Through the use of the Apprenticeship scheme and partnering with local colleges, we pride ourselves on growing organically and promoting within, using tried and tested methods of staff training and development. 

We aim to replicate our standards of quality, customer service and health and safety awareness, and transfer those onto the Nottingham branch.